The Vascopia Edit

Discovery Edit

The Vascopia was discovered by a band of adventurers on a night mission near Crowsmere; within the Tomb of a Queen Bene. Her ghostly wails struck fear into them as they approached.

The Spirit of the Queen had been awoken as her Vascopia had been corrupted by Dark Elves. The Queen begged that her Vascopia be returned to its former self and the adventurers obliged.

History Edit

The history of the Vascopia can only be traced in the 'fairy story' of The Legend of the Sleeping Prince, which tells the tragic tale of Queen Bene's son being trapped in a Death Sleep due to a jealous wizard cursing him. The only reference to the Vascopia in the story is ' The Queen had a magical pot called the Vascopia, which she made to sit in her great hall, so when her people needed food they could come and take what they needed, no more, no less'.

Recent Discoveries Edit

The adventurers have reported that the Vascopia is bound to Queen Bene and cannot be removed from her tomb. It is was also reported by Alumis Tuntree that the Vascopia is a vessel of good and if you made a contribution to the Vascopia it would give you something in return. This was never proven and it was reported by other adventurers that the Vascopia worked of its own accord.

Recently Bene was woken again after being laid to rest by the adventurers on the night mission. She confirmed to Allumis that she awoke with a fear and unrest and found the Vascopia had delivered a book and a map. The adventurers confirmed they would take the details and find out what it meant.

After decrypting the Map of King Cervum they found that it lead to Queen Bene's husband the Alshanti King of ' The Realm'. No one has reported further on this matter.

It appears from the reports that the vessel is a Fetish by which the Alshanti Queen channelled all her magic into.