A big hairy werewolf in Theoforde forest.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Vargr's Origins are still an unknown. One of the stronger theories state that, at one point, he was in service to the Gods as a warrior of some ancient war. However, after this war had ended, Vargr went on a rampage, causing great death and destruction wherever he went.

Three ancient heroes - A dwarf, an Elf, and a Human - sealed Vargr away in a unique form of Deathsleep, presumably granted to them by the goddess Vleybor. There he remained, for almost one-thousand years.

Awakening[edit | edit source]


19 Vargr Returns! Norwich LARP Fools and Heroes

Vargr was released from his slumber by a pack of Werewolves, who had uncovered the three words used to seal him away. He turned the Pyramid used to imprison him into his Lair, and went on to kill, maim, and ravage his way through the wilds for most of the year.

Since his release, he has killed the former adventurer Teyha Lin, in addition to the former Thane of Clan Bloodfell.

Observed Abilities[edit | edit source]

Vargr is as strong as he is imposing. He stands almost a full yard taller than any other werewolf, with a powerful physique to complement the size. Much like the more common wolves, he is able to change shape. In his more "human" guise, he appears to be a tall Elven man, terribly scarred from a lifetime of killing. In both forms, he has the look of a manic bloodlust in his eyes.

In addition to his strength and size, his claws are as sharp as razors, and can tear effortlessly through even the most well-made of armour. He is also able to leap incredible heights and distance, seemingly unbound by the strain it would place on his legs.

Vargr's greatest weapon seems to be his incredible healing factor. When his life is in danger, his flesh will knit back together at an incredible rate, irrespective of any damage it may take during that time. However, he will normally turn to retreat when pushed this far.

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