The Churches of Light Edit

The Church of Crowa Edit

Crowa is the goddess of bravery, battle, skills at arms and protection of the weak, Her followers stand in the face of overwhelming odds in the defiance of those who cannot or will not fight. They do no always believe fights should be fair, but that battles are won by hand-to-hand combat with the best fighter winning. If you can't win then die fighting, in the meantime live life loud and fast.

The Church of Kharach Edit

Kharach is the keeper of the Halls of the Slain, and the God of merciful death. He promotes the protection of the immortal soul, while encouraging the destruction of undead.

The Church of Longstor Edit

Longstor is the God of nature and the hunt. He promotes the natural course of events and protection of the wilderness, especially woodland. Followers of Longstor are regarded as distant to many, being more concerned with looking after nature than people. Longstorians despise anything unnatural, especially that which has been corrupted and will do anything to return such things to the cycle either by curing or killing them.

The Church of Rolbor Edit

Rolbor is the God of prosperity, hospitality, trade and the exchange of knowledge. He promotes hospitality, friendship and celebration without excess. Rolborians are often well off, sometimes rich, but never horde wealth. They are generous, a fact that attracts the greedy or lazy, but they are no fools and will find another more worthy cause if they think they are being taken advantage of.

The Church of Sidhe Edit

Sidhe is the father of the Gods. He promotes truth, fairness, balance, honour and justice. Sidheans are encouraged by their God to listen to both sides of a story and not to make rash decisions. Sidhe rarely speaks to his followers and they rarely ask, knowing that wisdom always finds a way – of course that way may not be the kindest or most peaceful – but it will be just.

The Church of Tralda Edit

Tralda is the Goddess of luck and opportunity. She takes as her followers those at the edges of society and she cares for those who are shunned by many. Thieves, beggars, harlots and even those who just find the other faiths too restrictive will find shelter in the faith of Tralda. Tralda welcomes those without a place and in return, she asks little of her faithful beyond honouring her name and the brethren of her faith.

The Church of Vleybor Edit

Vleybor is the Goddess of life. She promotes healing, fertility, peace and love. Followers of Vleybor are welcome almost anywhere for their coming is a sign of prosperity and good health. Her followers are the greatest healers and when combat threatens to take life, they can be greater diplomats than even the Sidheans. When Demon or Undead appear however, many Vleyborians will be as quick to fight as any.


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