Reuben is the Warden of the WindRose to the Guild of Scouts and a Brother in the Church of Longstor.

Reuben is the only surviving member of his family and the woodland community he called home. The eldest son of Joan Fairgreen and Timuu Sempre, an Elven Mother and a Man of Llaminusia. His younger brother Mathias was 12 at the time of their deaths. Joan taught her sons about the ways of the forest, nature and the wilds. Timuu taught his sons about the ways of the world, having seen many lands and peoples in Arda.

As a younger lad Reuben would join his father on trips to Oatley for trade and news from the surrounding areas. It was here that Thalnaz Galdoon, Harding Grim and Reuben first met one another - the amusing tale of 3 boys trying to get a flock of escaped hens back in to a pen.

Like so many others in the adventuring community, Reuben's life was changed in a single night of bloodshed. A man by the name of Ser Drakkenheath, a twisted follower of Bequifis in life and a cruel Vampiric leader in undeath, thought the joys of the forest were too frivolous and unecessary and so Hart's Wood was raided. Unprepared and caught unaware the community fought bravely but were bested by numbers. Despite him killing a good many foes with his Mother's blade, Reuben was restrained and held opposite the family he loved so dearly. Drakkenheath came in close, knowing the meaning of pain and loss, and said "I could just kill you, but this memory will haunt you so much more". What followed was nothing short of a bloody massacre. Once finished, the assailants knocked Reuben unconscious.

Not knowing the direction to follow, Reuben found what he could and left for the nearest settlement. Before arriving in Norvic he'd been travelling from place to place, following rumours of undead sightings.

Holding the majority of his memories away, there is only so much that is openly known by those around Reuben. He has fondly spoke of happier times growing up.

Recent events have led Reuben to question the roots and heritage of his Mother, his intrigue and youth yearning to learn more. Since the defeat of Prince Olan it has become known that his Mother, Joan, was of the ancient Alshanti Kingdom of Eldar Cervum.