I Heralded Lord Charlecote's first appearance within the adventuring community. Set up and financed his house amongst adventurers from the ground up. I slew the liche aldred the undying of derwentshrie. I flooded the town of Silverton. My books are read in more countries than most know exist. I stood in defiance of the lord of whispered truth, stole away his captives, and left with my life. I have walked the wild paths at by starlight, that most fear to walk in the day, searching for the next story. I've songs that make trees laugh, poems to make the boulders weep. I have loved more greatly than most men can dream to achieve and lost more deeply than many will ever feel. 

My name is Dario the Herald.  I'd wager you've heard of me.     Dario died in Shielding 1019, When caliban threw a dog busict at a greater werewolf, causing the deaths of 3 brave adventuers  

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