Fools and Heroes Norwich Wiki

Herbie used to live just outside Brisel, Avonshire. Towards the west (the brisel sea), He had a little shack with a small patch of land for veg and herbs, keeping himself to himself. Making ends meet and growing for himself and the locals. But due to the cold that had set in he wasn't able to grow anymore this year.

At the end of Drawing he sold his farm for: a new staff, dagger and heavy leather tunic from a local blacksmith and took those with his Mortar & Pestle, then hit the road.

Herbie started traveling at the start of Midcold , there on the road currently traveling ithron. Going from town to town gathering info on herbs and plants on route.

Once he reached Meadhampsted at a pub there he was convinced to go adventuring to find some of the rearer herbs that are in a harder to reach areas,where he met veori who convinced him to come to norvic, settle down again and start growing the herbs he had collected on his journey on the edge of sir larses estate; where he is now hiding away growing his herbs and hiding in vioris room.

viori and herbie

A mid mission monch