Edmund likes to play him drum. Smudge made his drum. He also likes to have bells on him at all times. Smudge made these too. Expert cart impersonator. 100% knows how to sing. Doesn't like goblins. Likes to adventure with dwarves but settles for halfings in a pinch. Has been known to discipline Gooseberry - It was for her own good.

Voted 'most likely to die on the toilet' at his nursery at the age of 15.

Good friends with Smudge Icklesmith & Gooseberry (when she behaves) and his pet snake Albert. Decent friends with most other people he meets.

Has a fine dwarven wife called Himiltrude, she's the reason he has a bad back..

His best friend, Ragnar the Forgetful, died in 1018 at the hands of Githasians (that are now all dead and died quite horrifically thankfully). Often forgetting, never forgotten. </3

Some people say he's a bit loud, but that's only because they don't have hair in their ears.

Former member to both the Unlikely Companions and later of House Briarthorn.

Rolbor know he tires his best. It's all he can ask.

Retired in Drawing of 1019, to tend a shrine in the village of Ling with Mother Militant Smudge Icklesmith, Gooseberry of Clan sailbearer and his wife, Himiltrude.

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