Fools and Heroes Norwich Wiki

Apples was born somewhere near the Norvic coast. His Father, a soldier from somewhere on the continent, had retired to Norvic to raise a family on a farm. his mother died in childbirth to his youngest sister, around 994. His father died, fighting in the local militia, in 996, leaving the farm to apples's two older brothers.

In 998, the farmstead ceased paying taxes, causing an investigation by the local militia.

Apples doesn't talk about this time in his life much, only stating that at age 10 he killed his first man, defending his younger sister, and that a forester died.

He was sentenced to life in the fighting pits, and never saw his family again, forgetting the place he grew up, their faces, names, even his own name through the trauma that followed.

A vicious and savage boy, he excelled at the pits, being sold from slaver to slaver, before being trained as a gladiator, and taking to the sands in most countries where bloodsport is practiced.

in the spring of 1019 apples was freed by the adventurers Baronet Wisty, and Hugh the halfling. He served in wisty's militia in the north for some time, before returning to Norvic to start his career as an adventurer.

Since then, he has advanced throughout the mercenaries guild, earning glowing commendations from Enforcer Fletch and General Kaelin Ring. He has fought in several campaigns, taking command of his first battle as an apprentice mercenary, fighting across the known lands, and uses his shield in defence of the weak.

in 1020 apples formed the 6th Norvic Volunteer infantry, modeled after the 5 battalions that had come before. a volunteer force of locals, to defend norvic from threats both near home, and on far off shores.

Since their inception, the volunteers have defended the town of Bedon from attack, and supported the seneshal in the campagin in Ausramere in the kon.